23 City Blocks


Tell us a little bit about 23 City Blocks. What makes your organization unique in St. Louis?

23 City Blocks Catering may be new to the event world, but the crazy bunch of fun people behind the company have decades of experience. The company was started in 2013 and in four short years has won multiple awards, been featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine and prides itself in cutting edge ideas and flawless execution for all styles and types of events. Executive Chef Nicholas Miller and his talented culinary team work with the freshest local ingredients, delivering delicious tastes with impeccable presentation and artistic flair.

The relationships we build with our clients is unmatched. With the first step into our door, you become a part of our family. From the culinary team to service staff to your event manager, we are there with our clients every step of the way. Through 42 layout changes [true story!] to sharing a meal at your tasting to packing the car at the end of the evening and saying our final congratulations, we are bonded through it all. We become not only your vendor, but your friend, confident, and person to rant about your crazy third cousin twice removed that wants to hand make your centerpieces. We strive to take that vision in your head then go above and beyond to make it happen for you because it’s just the kind of people we are. No one else has a love like you and your spouse, and you deserve to be treated as so.

What item(s) do you guys provide that every bride should have on her menu?

Simply put, what every bride wants on their menu. Our packages are extremely customizable. If a couple has a food or beverage item that is special and unique to them, they should be able to incorporate that into their wedding. With the majority of our team having a restaurant background, it’s much more enjoyable for us to create and craft to reflect the couple then having to cook option A, B or C every event.

What’s the most unique reception you’ve done in the last year and why?

It has to be the 70s-inspired wedding outdoors! The bride and groom loved the era, and even flew in a Bee Gees cover band all the way from Canada! And while you might think it’s not very elegant, it actually was! Blush pinks and silvers with personalized disco ball escort cards, round menus on silver chargers, and flowers galore! We even surprised the bride and groom and their bridal party with silver disco ball cups they could sip from and sway with all night. The menu however was a bit of a challenge. Just like we do with any couple, we have long conversations about what they would like to see for their wedding menu. This couple couldn’t seem to articulate their style. Finally she said this, “I’m more Annie Guns and he’s more Golden Corral”. Eureka! We now had an idea of where each of them was coming from – and Chef was able to customize a menu that would delight them both. We served a duet of rosemary grilled tomahawk chop with pan roasted chicken breast, Yukon potato pave and creamed spinach with aged balsamic. Words don’t do it justice! It barely fit on the plate! We absolutely adored this event, not only because it was unlike any other, but because it was a challenge with all of its moving parts. If there’s anything to be said about 23 City Blocks, it’s that we thrive in challenging situations and end up exceeding original expectations when we’re thrown a curve ball.

When 23 City Blocks pops in someone’s mind, what’s the first thing you want them to think of?

Restaurant quality in masses. It’s a gift really. Okay, so not really -  it’s just our commitment to you.  23 City Blocks is the future of catering. We’re constantly trying to create new trends, not just follow them. Our service standards are high and our expectations of our team are even higher. It’s our mission in life to treat your event like a once-in-a-lifetime experience because it is.

Please tell our couples why your team enjoys doing wedding receptions at Silver Oaks Chateau?

From a Parisian Soiree to Upscale BBQ to Bluegrass Brunch, Silver Oaks Chateau seems to be limitless for us. The space itself is extremely versatile, allowing clients to create their own vision, in turn allowing us to be a bit more creative from a culinary perspective. A ballroom with dark carpet and fluorescent lighting can only be spun so many ways and the food and beverage served there follows that same expectation. At Silver Oaks, you never know what you’re going to walk into which perfectly aligns with our passion of straying from the norm and tailoring culinary experiences to the couple.

Not to mention our Silver Oaks lavender mule is Kick A**!

You can’t live without _____ when you’re on site at a wedding reception.

The most challenging part about not being in your own kitchen is never knowing what’s going to happen. Whether were in an old building where our small butane burner sets off all fire alarms so we have to make shift a kitchen out under a pop-up tent or outside in the middle of a field so we have to engineer a refrigerator out of a baker’s rack, mini fan and some insulation to keep salad plates chilled, we’d be nowhere if it wasn’t for the quick-thinking, positive attitudes of all of our team members,

Guilty Food Pleasure: 

We don’t believe in guilty pleasures because great food is great food, and never anything you should feel bad about eating. Plus, calories don’t count at events. Come on… EVERYONE knows that! We consistently argue about our favorites, and it’s hard not to because everything is just too dang delicious. Everyone has a different “I can’t live without”– from melted Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta to Pinenut Crusted Chicken with Jalapeno Cream Sauce to a Milk Chocolate Vinaigrette. However, the one item you will get every single person on our team to agree upon is that Chef’s White Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce is a euphoric experience that no one should go through life without knowing.