Butler’s Pantry


Tell us a little bit about Butler's Pantry. What makes your organization unique in St. Louis?

Butler’s Pantry has been providing ‘every reason to celebrate’ since 1966. We are a second-generation family owned operation with strong ties to St. Louis and the surrounding communities. While we are deeply rooted in tradition, we are ever inspired by innovation!

 In all reality, catering events is what we do. But passion for food and the people we prepare it for defines who we are.

Creating experiences for our clients is not just about food and beverage. While those factors are important (and at the heart of our business) we can become so much more than your caterer...

Need event equipment (china, flatware, glassware, chairs, etc.)? We own it!

Need florals? We have florists on staff!

Need guidance on linen choices and/or overall event design? We have a design team!

Need other services? We can arrange with one of our many preferred partners!

 It is our aim to become so much more to you than just a Vendor…we truly strive to be your go-to FRIEND or during your planning – someone you can trust, someone you can enjoy going through the process with.

 We want to focus on what’s on your table so you can focus on who’s around it.  

What item(s) do you guys provide that every bride should have on her menu? 

A wedding menu is so personal and indicative of the couples’ personality. That said, we are really trying to encourage our wedding clients to look at the menu in a different way. Wedding guests have been served a salad, followed by two proteins on one plate for ages! Let’s change up the architecture a bit!

The Architecture of the NEW Wedding Menu swaps the traditional for unexpected and delightful twists. A sample illustration:


First impressions are everything. Incorporate a protein right away, such as jumbo shrimp, atop a fresh salad OR a seasonal succotash.


Feature an interesting grain ‘salad’, such as farro, wheat berry or even a house-made pasta dish.


Let the main protein be the star – be it a beautiful filet or a more daring approach with rack of lamb or duck breast, you can simply pair with gorgeous seasonal vegetables and let the Chef incorporate a little more artistic flair on the plate!


The dance floor is calling – let guests choose their own dessert, in between their favorite dance numbers, from an Instagram-worthy display!



The party isn’t stopping, so why not surprise guests with a fun play on take-out favorites or late night breakfast – necessary fuel to dance ALL. NIGHT. LONG!

We’d love to explore other ways to make your wedding meal a completely unique, customized experience!

What’s the most unique reception you’ve done in the last year and why? 

The best part about our job? EVERY. SINGLE. EVENT. IS. UNIQUE. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

We really take the time to get to know you, your family & friends, your passions and help design an overall event experience to complement. 

When Butler's Pantry pops in someone’s mind, what’s the first thing you want them to think of?

How about a Top 10?! 


Service First.