Reception Details

Approximately 6 months prior to your wedding date, we schedule your first of two bridal meetings. During this first meeting, we will help to develop the timeline for your day, go through the reception layout and explain what you can expect from us on your day. We will advise and direct, but in the end it is your call. Here are a few facts and key insights to be aware of prior to making any large decorating or seating decisions!

  • The maximum we can seat for a sit down dinner is 280 guests. This is assuming your head table is on the stage and your meal is served plated rather than utilizing a buffet.

  • We can fit 6 round tables in the balcony, a total of 60 guests.

  • Using all round tables, we can comfortably seat around 170 guests on the main floor.

  • The most we can seat on the stage is 16 people. The most we can seat in one line in front of the windows is 18 people.

  • We have 7 cocktail tables, a “sweetheart” table, and a cake table on wheels- all of which you are welcome to use.

  • Our stage measures 24’ W x 15’ D- you’ll notice we try to mirror the same size for the dance floor when creating your floor plan. That is a large dance floor for your sized group!

  • With a large group utilizing 2 buffets, your buffets will typically be set up on the dance floor at first and then quickly broken down in time for toasts and first dances.

  • Your DJ or Band will have all the equipment necessary to provide your officiant with his/her lapel mic (if needed), as well as any other microphones or speakers necessary for both inside and outside the building.

  • Our recessed lighting can be dimmed when it’s time to dance, and each row of chandeliers is on its own switch. We can set the mood in time for your first dance! Additional lighting such as uplighting can typically be rented through your DJ or Band.

Click Here for a few examples of Grand Hall layouts based on your guest count!