December 15th Wedding

At Silver Oaks Chateau we are passionate about the little details. Whether it is the lighting in the bridal suite or the cleanliness of the restrooms, we try to cover it all. What a compliment it is when someone notices how clean the building is during a tour, or notes just how thought out the construction of the building itself really is. I like to think the experience our couples have originate from thinking through those details; without it their experiences just wouldn’t be the same.

Likewise, I appreciate the little elements of wedding planning that quickly add up to create a huge impact. This December wedding is an example! Timeless calligraphy by RSVPeas, striking floral arrangements by Roses and Mint, and Courtney Smith photography to capture all the little moments, nothing was missed!

We are frequently asked “Do I need to hire a wedding planner?” Of course there is no easy answer as every couple is different.. BUT I can say this: If you desire to have your day meticulously planned out.. and even color-coded (like I said, details!) then Allyssa Elaine Events did not miss a beat. Vendors, decor, timing, and other things you may not immediately think of while planning a wedding, were effortless. (It doesn’t hurt that bride and groom Katie and Chris were absolutely wonderful to work with!)

Catering: Hollyberry

Band: Vote for Pedro

Cake: Sarah’s Cake Shop

Hair and Makeup: Danielle Style

Dress: White Traditions Bridal

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- there is NOTHING missed by having a December wedding. Look at this lighting! The backdrop is still just as breathtaking.

September 15th Wedding

Does this weather have anyone else dreaming of warmer days? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like a winter wedding…though we hear we may have 50+ degree weather on Saturday? We’ll take it!

An Affair to Remember will be setting up on Saturday and after the beauty that was Ally and Nick’s September 15th wedding, I cannot wait!

Ally and Nick’s amazing wedding day and An Affair to Remember… WOW. Holy floral halo! You’ve seen them on Pinterest, ladies, but this one takes the cake. Speaking of cake… this couple chose to have a small cake centerpiece from Pint Sized Bakery at EVERY table. Pair that with adorable personalized doggy picture napkins made by On Three Designs, and you can see how this was a fun gallery to steal blog pictures from.

Beauty. Laughter. Class. Sentiment. Some incredible vendors came together to create the most picture perfect day…and for such a fun couple! (Oh, and just when you think the dogs Zoe and Tod have stolen the show… check out Nick’s expression when he sees Ally!)

Alright, I’m done. I think Hannah Shea’s photography will speak for itself.

June 3rd Wedding

It has officially cooled off here in St. Louis! You know what that means…. romantic fall colors, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cozy sweaters. Best of all? It means the holidays are right around the corner. Which brings me to the inspiration behind today’s blog post.

I’d like to start off by referencing Season 2 Episode 10 of The Office, a.k.a., the Christmas Party Episode. For those who are unaware, I’ll make it quick. In this episode quirky paper salesman Jim expresses his adoration for secretary Pam by buying her a simple blue teapot for their office holiday party. Not only has she had her eye on the kettle, but he has it filled with silly inside joke-themed memoriabilia from their friendship together. Anyone who knows the show knows that in this episode one of TV’s favorite couples is formed and so begins a beautiful love story. In short, Jim and Pam are absolutely made for each other.

Likewise, I present to you Chris and Victoria. Fun, caring, passionate people who are absolutely made for each other. Though this wedding was indeed in the summer, I trust you’ll still get the reference. Ashley Fisher creates yet another masterpiece by capturing the essence of this day.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… you’ll be in awe at the fireworks display. You’ll feel the warmness of love radiating through the power of prayer. You’ll start up Netflix and wish you had some cake (Mizzou fans…this is your warning)

Ladies and Gentlemen…. June 3rd, 2018.

Sugarfire Catering

Complete DJ

Are you grabbing the remote or a tissue? Both?

Are you grabbing the remote or a tissue? Both?

Schnucks Florist  for the win!

Schnucks Florist for the win!

Can we talk about these bridesmaid dresses!?

Can we talk about these bridesmaid dresses!?


June 29th Wedding


We could not have picked a better summer day for Shawn and Kelsey's wedding! Where do we start? The two piece gown? The doughnut wall? The cameo by their dog? Let's talk about it all!!

Kelsey's dress was nothing short of beautiful. We loved the uniqueness of the two pieces, and it looked like one when she put it on! Feminine, delicate, modern and traditional, it had a bit of everything.

We can't decide which part is sweeter---the doughnut wall with the dessert table or Kelsey and Shawn's pup getting an invite to shower the couple with congratulatory kisses after the ceremony. In the end, the sweetness of the whole day blew us away!

Check out the photos by Jessica Lauren Photography.